Disaster Repair

We prefer to avoid disasters but, fire, flooding, landslides and earthquakes make life in California unpredictable at times. We have experience in remediation stemming from the Loma Prieta & Jackson Oaks Earthquakes, El Nino, the Lexington fire and several individual incidents. Our job is to help you get back to your life and repair the damage as soon as humanly possible.

Mitigation of pending problems is recommended whenever possible. Landslides are often due to poor drainage and fire danger can be reduced through proper landscape management. Reducing potential earthquake damage is best accomplished during construction, but several retrofit solutions improve older homes as well.

Since 1984 we have dealt with a broad variety of disasters. This expertise is essential to managing the project logistics so you can move back in quickly. Many of these projects have been technically difficult and emotionally taxing on the property owners. We’ll make the process more understandable and less stressful.